Customizable Humor

Some of the most memorable advertisements are delivered with humor.  From Superbowl ads that we enjoy more than the game to T-shirts with messages that we repeat to friends, being funny is one of the better ways to have someone share a message.  While television and clothing are some of the older methods of sports humor, customizable items are now receiving the same benefits.  One such item that now adds comedy to our daily lives is custom coasters.  


A coaster that specifically refers to the drink that it will bear says “wine is cheaper than therapy.”  It specifically denotes that the wine-drinker is drinking on purpose and it humorously excuses the drinking as a realistic way of dealing with stress.  A variation of this joke is “a good friend is cheaper than therapy.”  The premise is the same but the first quote would naturally work much better on a coaster.   


In addition to custom coasters, the sleeves used on hot drinks such as coffee have started to become customizable.  One of the more humorous messages to read on a custom coffee sleeve is “only 8 more hours to go.”  The quote makes light of someone hating their job.  It is common to hear someone say there are only a few more hours to go in the workday, but someone optimistically looking forward to the end of a day at the very start is unusual.  The interest in stopping work before it has even begun (when someone has coffee in the morning) is why this quote works so well on the outside of a coffee cup.

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