You Can Customize Anything

Our culture seems to have moved to the age of customization with the invention of the Ipod.  Ever since people could create their own list of music and carry it with them everywhere, things have become customizable.  Phones and Facebook offer individual pages and social media that each person can make their own.  They even work for completely unique self-identification and self-promotion.  

While these are some of the latest versions of technology to show off individuality, older ways of self expression still work quite well.

Take, for example, clothing.  T-shirts have long been a way to let others know what brand you support or what motto you live by.  But an increase in personalization means custom T-shirts are a great way to have something no one else has.  This has crossed over into Greek culture on college campuses.  Shirts are used for fraternity or sorority members to show off which group they belong to and students further customize their clothing to show off their Greek letters in a way that is unique even from their fellow brothers or sisters.  Certain companies located near a university look to cater to their client base of college students and offer complete lines of customizable attire, including hoodies, polos, jackets, hats, and pants.  One such example is UTS Promos, a business that sells T-shirts in Columbia, MO.  They cater to the Greek system for the University of Missouri but also sell corporate attire and offer engraving services.