Types of Roofing Services Offered By Rely Roofing

St. Louis, Missouri (April 25, 2018)- When looking into getting work done on your roof, one might find that there are actually several services and products out there that they had no idea about. There are different services that can be performed on roofs depending on the type such as if you have a flat roof or slanted roof. One flat roof company based in St. Louis is Rely Roofing. Their services include installations, restorations, and repairs of flat roofs have been provided since they opened in 1976.

There are also several materials for your roof that one might not consider without some research. Some services Rely Roofing offers includes metal roof restorations, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply membranes, as well as modified bitumen materials. While these may not be the traditional roofing that comes to mind, there are many advantages to consider with each of these.

Metal roof restoration can dramatically extend the life of your roof at a much cheaper cost than installing a completely new roof. It also reduces energy costs and surface temperature with a reflective coating. Next, the TPO membrane is extremely durable and resistant to tears and impacts and comes with a long warranty from Rely. This roof is environmentally friendly as well because it is known for its thermal resistance, lowering heating and cooling costs significantly. Last, modified bitumen membranes are an asphalt based material designed for flat buildings or ones with a low slope. They have a proven track record of moving water off the roof and also come with long warranties.

Rely Flat Roofing is known for their exceptional customer satisfaction and prompt services. They can do any flat roof work residentially or commercially and offer free estimates to their clients. Give them a call or go to their website to discuss what work you may be interested in.

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